A Boy at the Beach

A boy has an idea
that the world must
somehow make sense--
sitting on the rocks
by the sea, playing with
seashells, watching the
rising waves foam and
scatter along the beach--
yes, he believes, the world
is full of purpose,
as he observes the sparkling
sunlight in the water--
he is at peace with these rushing
sea waves, with these green
moss-covered rocks,
with sea-shells and jelly-fish,
as his imagination wanders
beyond the old lighthouse
and the distant ships that go by…

Then suddenly he hears a sound
of a horn, and he turns around.
He sees a sports car--there is
a man behind the wheel,
arguing with a young woman,
standing by the windshield--
she's quite beautiful,
wearing high heels and lipstick,
and a short white summer dress.
They stand there arguing,
finally she breaks down in tears
and shouts: "you bastard!"
the man just tells her:
"get out of my way!"
and drives off abruptly
with the noise of
screeching tires…

The woman cries,
then walks away,
the sun slowly sets,
as the ocean waves subside.
The boy goes home now--
all he remembers
are the woman's tears
and screeching tires.

                                       August 29, 2002
                                    --Alexander Shaumyan