I've Had Enough of Adulation
I've had enough of adulation,
Enough of flattery and lies,
Enough of phony admiration,
Enough of awe-struck dreamy eyes.

I want to know that you're real,
For words are meaningless and false,
I want to know how you feel
Behind your front, behind your walls.

But you can't trust to let me know
The pain that's hidden in your heart,
You'll continue with this show,
Playing your cool and formal part.

Perhaps you'll write another poem
About the hurt and suicide,
But you'll never let it show,
You'll act like everything's all right.

Yes, I've been reading all your poems,
And I just have one thing to say--
Sometimes it takes a risk to show
Those feelings that we hide away.

                                          August 6, 2002
                                       --Alexander Shaumyan