Angel of Sobriety

                                  (for Teresa)

Throw out the bottle, let the sunshine in,
I've died last night and saw my life begin--
Farewell to all the tremors and anxiety--
In my delirium I saw the light within--
She came to me--my Angel of Sobriety.

I kissed her softly, let her passion seep
In every crevice of my heart and soul--
I felt her light within me stirring deep
And felt once more truly alive and whole.

I felt her sunshine smile upon my face
And felt her touch dispel all my anxieties,
She came to me in all her charm and grace
To bring me back--my Angel of Sobriety.

I'm now wide awake, I see the light--
She showed me the way to make me whole--
I bid farewell to lonely bars at night,
Where I have squandered my intelligence and soul.

I see the future once again--it's burning bright--
Farewell to my delirium and anxiety--
I met an angel on the night I died--
She resurrected me--my Angel of Sobriety.

                                                    July 23, 2004
                                                  --Alexander Shaumyan