Let's bomb all them Serbs,
 Them Iraqis, them Japs,
 And tomorrow let's bomb
 Some more insolent chaps.

 Let's bomb in the daytime
 Or surprise them at night
 With our surgical bombing
 Till they all see the light.

 There are Hitlers aplenty,
 And we just have to bomb--
 Yes, today it's Milosevic
 And tomorrow, Saddam.

 And it won't really matter
 Who ends up being dead
 As long as the bombs
 Do not land on our heads.

 We'll bomb them for peace
 And for justice, you'll see,
 We'll bomb them until
 Everybody is free.

 So let's pray to Jesus
 And to Allah above,
 For our bombing is peace,
 Justice, freedom and love.

                               March 31, 1999
                            --Alexander Shaumyan

*NOTE: This title was inspired by The Daily Show on Comedy Central.