A Beautiful Day

          It's a beautiful day
          Don't let it get away

I was in town
When I saw your eyes ablaze,
Fierce and proud
Were the contours of your face.

And then I knew
You were always there with me,
As I cried out,
Facing the stormy sea.

Yes, you're beautiful
With your hair in the sun,
Yes, you're free now
With your life that's just begun.

How strange things are
When you walk alone and free,
I know that I love you,
Now that you know me.

I walked these paths,
Following all these stars,
And I know now
That you were never far.

You were beside me
With every step I took,
You didn't know me,
But I read you like a book.

Then I woke up,
Knowing just what to say,
'Cause you are with me
And it's a beautiful day.

Now that you know me,
I don't regret a thing,
Just kiss me, darling,
And let your spirit sing.

                                          October 17, 2004
                                       --Alexander Shaumyan