Thinking about Bombay

Yes, it's a sad situation
When there's no communication,
When social services and education
Are cut just to pay for war.

Yes, it's a sad situation
When the talents of our nation
Are wasted on the celebration
Of a meaningless endless war.

And what is it really for?
And when all these people die,
A strange little question--why?--
Will flash one day in your heads--
Why all these people are dead?
Perhaps it's because they knew
How to lie to you.

But you'll be singing that song:
"I live here, right or wrong,
 And who am I to question why
 Or who's to live or to die?"

And I'm not hearing you.
And I'm not feeling you.

Yes, I'm here alone,
Not answering my telephone,
With the whole world gone insane.
There's something inside my brain,
Telling me about Bombay,
And I have nothing to say.

                            February 20, 2003
                         --Alexander Shaumyan