It starts somewhere at x and moves to y,
Zigzagging like a random, fleeting z,
While in my heart it seems to multiply
And run away toward infinity.
It starts like some equation in a dream
That sums up all the things I feel in me--
This sky, this night, this moon--all somehow seem
To resonate in perfect symmetry.
This nightclub, where I come to spend my time
And contemplate the female form disrobed
Before the cheering throng of horny guys,
Where I still find a certain glimpse of hope--
A random spark that fuels my fantasy...
And when it's over, all the drunks return
To their dull and unfulfilling lives,
Yet in my mind and heart it twists and turns--
That random switch that's keeping me alive.

                                        --Alexander Shaumyan
                                           March 4, 1997