For Christy
  choke me in the shallow water
before I get too deep
   --Edie Brickell
This life that crushes our faintest dreams,
These daily lies that drown the slightest sign
Of truth, of what we are--yes, you and I,
Yes, you and I, my love, in flesh and blood.

Life in Kentucky has worn out its charm--
The South and the North, the black and white
Have merged somehow in my head tonight
Inside some simple-minded country song.

This year, they say, the moon eclipsed the sun,
And in my heart, my love, I feel it too,
Walking these streets alone--drunk and numb--
Watching the mating games of mindless youth.

Yet it's a miracle that I still go on--
Undaunted and still resolute to fight--
In this small town, in this lonely night--
Intoxicated by my love for you.

                                              February 28, 1998
                                           --Alexander Shaumyan