A murder such as this is more than news,
It draws you in like some alluring honey
That tastes as sweet as power, as money,
As a seductive woman in the nude.

A murder's done, it's finished like two lives
Abruptly cut at such a youthful age,
Abruptly cut by a "substantial" knife
That stabbed them both in a jealous rage.

A murder such as this is more than news,
It is enticing, entertaining gore,
He stabbed her like it was another score--
Another touchdown on a football field,
While they all shouted: "We love you, Juice!"

Now it's done, the two are lying dead,
They'll do a special on the battered wives,
Police will try to find that fatal knife
That brought their lives to such an early end.

And if he shouted: "I'll kill you, f**king whore!"
It was because he "loved her way too much,"
Because his stardom and his wealth has "touched"
Them all in "so many special ways,"
And so they cheered "more!" and "more!" and "more!"

And now that he killed them, they'll say:
"He couldn't have done it. He was framed or under stress.
He's innocent. It's just another test
Of our love and faith in you, O.J.!"

                                                    June 28, 1994
                                              --Alexander Shaumyan