Error: Missing Shell32.dll File
Don't ever mess with your
shell32.dll system file--
I replaced it with a
newer version from some
Dutch site only to find
that my desktop was all
messed up and all the
commands were in Dutch--
you see, each of these
files is specific for
your machine, and I don't
really speak Dutch.

So I deleted it only
to discover that a
missing shell32.dll file
is a real pain
as your computer won't
start without it--
you've got to reboot
your computer with a boot
disk (if you have one),
else you can download one
and reinstall windows
from your CD ROM--
it comes with the CD ROM
support, creating a
temporary R: drive,
but reinstalling windows
can mess up your screen
resolution--mine is
1024 by 768 pixels with
16 bit color palette
and my display
adapter is apparently
Chips & Tech 65554 PCI
(I had to reinstall
the drivers for it
luckily I had software
on my laptop that enabled
me to find my earlier
configuration settings--
so my screen was finally
the right size
only to find that my
internet connection was

But then I realized that
my Winsock was no longer
working, so I had to
reinstall it with
it took me many hours to
figure all this out.

                                            August 5, 2003
                                         --Alexander Shaumyan