For Alexander

You are a poet; my poet!

You are my soft and wild lover,
You are my half of my other.
You are the clutter in my pink laws,
You spank them all; all perfect thoughts.

And not my own but all the crones,
Oh stand behind the microphone!
Put neat panties in tight bunches!
You make bullies pay for lunches.

Oh my poet of conviction,
You save the world without white doves,
To slap the blind contradictions--
Even your own for sweetest love.

Dear you are my shameless poet!
So strong; speaking flamboyantly
In a sex and money crazed world.
Circled, squeezed tight; my toes are curled;

As I read a genius of works,
My heart falls open like a scream,
Carelessly my soul breathes with words.
My poet, my sum above mean.

You are a poet; my poet!

                                          --Teresa Emilie Dybevik