[an error occurred while processing this directive] jes - 03/09/00 19:23:49

wow!!!!!!! i always wanted to be a poet to be as good as you now i thinkill try a little harder you have inspired me.

Lyssa - 02/23/00 18:10:14
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Wonderful site, and wonderful poetry. Thank you for sharing.

tony - 02/11/00 01:51:45
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alex, made a banner up using your picture, hop you like the placement of it on the page, if it were real life you would never stop thanking me...

tony ciccariello - 02/11/00 01:49:49
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Ken Holly - 02/10/00 01:07:49
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Hey Alex, You write my kind of poetry. I usually don't read poetry; but, I made an exception for your's.... It was great! Please keep writing.

tony ciccariello - 01/28/00 17:45:52
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Dear Alex

Just came to do some reading. Needed a break from the customers and I chose your site.

Erin Klee - 12/21/99 02:25:43
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Alex ~ just stepping in to say hello... *soft smile* ... and to tell you how much i still admire your work. you are a fantastic writer, and an incredibly sensitive person... *hug* thank you... for being the man you are... ~ Erin

Anthony John Ciccariello III - 12/03/99 01:19:32
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dear alex, this is the new address with a very condensed version.. and a link to here. tony

Rana Harake - 11/19/99 16:12:10
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very impressing! Original style of satire.

tony ciccariello - 11/19/99 01:04:58
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Dear Alex

After three years on line Angelfire has deemed my book. Tales of the borderline Piney as pornographic and deleted it.


gandyman - 11/01/99 02:14:07
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wow wow wow

passionate, heartfelt, & above all funny as hell...i laughed amazingly hard at "why the porcupine eats pork..." (can't remember the exact title, & going back right now would delete this entry, which i don't want to type in again)...excellent, excellent ve se

kudus & such

permission to include a link from my site? (www.geocities.com/SoHo/Village/3040)

Agnes - 11/01/99 01:52:55
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Hello Alex. i'm not a great poet or critic, but i know what impresses me and what i like. And your poetry to sum up in one word is : infuckingcredible. great doesn't seem to do it justice. i have you bookmarked. will be coming back to read more.

Xexe Maxwell - 10/27/99 19:53:40
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i've been visiting a lot of poetry sites, checking out the content as well as the layout, 'cause i'm trying to create a page of my own. i must say that this one is by far one of the most original and enjoyable, and the poems are wonderful! i really like t e international flavor of your stuff and that of your friends at the end. i'm glad i found you!

tony ciccariello - 10/14/99 16:00:41
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One for the Halloween crowd

Old stage run by, from the years not known.
Murmured past accents cause a chill in the bone.
Where the kindness of children was exempt from the crown.
Nod and catch a little wink from the widow of the town.
In hard seconds of the silence, take delight in her scream.
Unsure as I hold this flintlock if I am in a dream.
As the last sun shaft glimmers, I note the dead all sing.
The rejoice in their chorus, "soon comes a terrible thing".

Fancy flights do stun me while strange carvings appear.
Know the bond is slipping with every brand new fear.
Seen as victor of the moment who's lean as a heretic's cry.
Be still now little phantom, come soon he who did die.
Not equipped to take the turning, not able to withstand the heat.
Ffeebly I swing one last time as I crumple into defeat.
See the dark deepens each second, he who died is to bring.
That which no man has called for known as the most terrible thing.

See the seeds of evil are planted and growing.
As the hosts of chaos descend to the ground.
With one simple species snuffed out in fine darkness.
Soon no human life forms to be found.
Evoke the cowards in the coven of daylight,
As humanity transforms to kiss his ring.
I came to tell you of the horror at midnight.
He came to bring you a most terrible thing.
-by A. J. Ciccariello III 10-13-1999

Sabrina Hightower - 08/08/99 20:16:27
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Wow!!!! Not much more to say.

tony ciccariello - 07/23/99 01:49:50
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he is very talented.. and i enjoyed the page...


Erin Klee - 07/03/99 04:10:16
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~ laughing ~ this is an incredibly interesting site ~ a far cry from the norm ~ and i am glad to have stumbled in ~ smiles ~ thank you ~ Erin ~

JJ - 06/01/99 00:00:24
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Hi there. I enjoyed reading your poems. Visit my page sometime.

John Deecken - 05/14/99 20:13:45
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Hi Alex, let's party!

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