A Gift

Darling, I know it's hard see
And those voices tell you there is no use--
But, darling, listen, listen to me--
Those voices you hear--they lie to you.

For I am here, here for you
With my heart open wide to ease your pain--
And those voices, those demons are nothing new--
Their strength gets weaker with each new day.

Just raise the curtains and see the stars
And let my love lift you up tonight,
And let my music gently heal these scars,
As you rest in my arms till the morning light.

I know, darling, of these demons within,
That drag you down and pull you inside,
That mock you and tease you, that speak of sin,
But they aren't real--these demons are lies.

For you're beautiful, pure and strong--
Yes, you're stronger than any of them,
Just listen, darling, to my love's new song--
It shines inside me like a priceless gem.

When I was born, I always knew
There's more to this life than meets the eye
So I send this gift of my love for you
To set you free, like this moon in the sky.

                                                    July 22, 2002
                                                 --Alexander Shaumyan