I Dream of Teresa

I dream of Teresa and her shy and mysterious smile
That veils inner sadness of growing up all too soon,
I dream of Teresa in the silvery dress of the moon--
A passionate woman with the heart of an innocent child.

I dream of Teresa and know that she is the one
Whose spirit's undaunted through countless tests and travails--
I dream of Teresa and then I wake up and set sail
Into the light of the lofty and luminous sun.

I dream of Teresa and know--it will be all right--
The sun still returns after days of a pounding rain,
I dream of Teresa whenever in sadness and pain,
For she is the source of my fire and faith in my fight.

I dream of Teresa, I dream of her beautiful eyes,
That saw all the hurt and injustice throughout the years,
I dream of Teresa, who's silently hiding her tears,
And with the strength of her love--like a phoenix I rise.

                                                                                   August 15, 2004
                                                                                --Alexander Shaumyan