Darling, I have traveled here... Darling, I have traveled here
To give a voice to the voiceless
And power to the powerless,
For there won't be any freedom
Till all the churches fall
And religions crumble,
For only then will they really see
All of God's mysterious ways.

Darling, I have traveled here
To give a sight to the sightless
And a new breath to the dying,
Singing this childish song
Of a truly divine inspiration,
Just to let them all know
That those who question
Have a lot more faith
Than any preacher.

Darling, I have traveled here
Nameless as the day I was born--
I have come here
Because I love you.

And if I die, my love,
Just remember
That the power is with the people,
Whether or not they choose to believe it,
For I'm just a blind fool--
Lost and misguided--
Enchanted by the beauty of your smile.

                                                  October 3, 2000
                                              --Alexander Shaumyan