(for Teresa)

                             Mit Dir hab' ich dieses Gefühl,
                                    daß wir heut' Nacht unsterblich sind.

                                         --Die Toten Hosen

These eyes have seen the silver crescent
Of moonlight shining in your eyes,
I breathe tonight the air quiescent
And know that we'll never die.

It matters not what happens now,
Your lips are sealed and so are mine--
We'll outlive it all somehow,
Withstanding all the tests of time.

So many words are left unspoken,
So many doubts, so many lies--
This bond between us can't be broken--
No, you and I will never die.

It is a feeling that somehow
Is overpowering like the sky--
There is no need for questions now,
For you and I will never die.

It doesn't matter if tomorrow
Will bring more tears to our eyes--
Amidst the darkest gloom and sorrow
I know that we'll never die.

                                                            November 14, 2003
                                                          --Alexander Shaumyan