Jasmine Hill Gardens, Montgomery, Alabama

I thought I was nimble minded, as hollow as a meandering dead tree
Until I sat in the midst of a jungle of vines that ran over the lattice
covered bridge.
As the sunlight pierced through the tiny pockets of space left by twisted
Leafy ivy, I think I finally felt what it was like to be human, to be humble,
A small unimportant part of the earth.  Then I thought it strange how proud I
Thought I was when I thought I was my own other worldly earth goddess
Wrapped around the solid core of me.  With the fat buzzing bees taunting me
With quick side to side fly-bys and the birds scurrying at the sound of my
Hitting the sandy gravel, I thought about how much I wanted for you to love
Unquestioning, me.  The sweet smell of orchids and roses reminded me of
Feeling the warmth of your body lying next to mine.  It reminded me of your
Embrace, the way the light reflected off your eyes, how they glittered when
Turned to look at me just so, smirking as you said something funny.  And
Known all along that I would fall for you, you’ve known how much you
Could mean to me if you let me.

                                                           April 12, 1998
                                                        --Kim Clemente