THE SOLILOQUY OF GEORGE BUSH ON 1/15/91   (Written on 1/15/91, the deadline date given to Saddam to withdraw from
Kuwait, the day after the US Senate approved the military action against
Iraq, after a rather heated debate in the US Senate. According to some
reporters who caught a glimpse of George Bush on that day, he appeared
very sad and deep in thought.)    Kuwait or not Kuwait--that is the question:
 To let it fall under this beast Saddam
 And then to wait in queue to fill the tank with gas
 And pay so dearly for it when he decides
 To drop production and to jack up the price...
 Or to take arms against this savage beast,
 Perchance to nuke him and restore Kuwait
 To what it used to be before the invasion--
 Our friend and our economic partner
 And a supplier of oil to our allies...
 In times of peace prepare for war--
 That's what our founding father
 And our first president George Washington
 Said is the best way to preserve the peace...
 So we prepared for war: ay, there's the rub--
 Being well prepared for war it is not easy,
 To start it not when being provoked and teased
 As we are now provoked and teased by Sad'dam... (stress by George Bush)
 What did go wrong? Oh, why did not we try
 To teach them physics (that according to Dick Feynman
 Of modern human culture is the essence),
 So they would realize that hell and heaven
 Do not exist and that you live but once,
 And when you die--that's it, the curtain, so
 They'd try to live in a more rational way
 Instead of counting on paradise
 After having their heads shot off
 Or being ripped apart by an explosion,
 Baked in a fire storm or cooked by radiation...
 Oh God, why did we take so much advantage
 Of cheapness of their oil instead of helping them
 Get civilized, get taste of our consumer goods?
 They would become corrupt and feeble-brained,
 Their minds controlled by our TV commercials,
 So they would loose their zeal and they would itch
 For 'fight no more, but only they would itch
 To go to shopping malls and supermarkets and spend,
 And they would only worship Healthy Economy and Gold...
 But now it is too late to educate or to subvert them...
 Oh, damnation! We will have to fight
 This stupid brutal war, swim in our blood, (a threat of Saddam)
 It will be Hell on Earth we brought upon ourselves...  

                                             --Michael Livshits