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O darling, if a song would do...
You Call It America
If Ants Could Speak, Would We Listen?
A Freedom Song Written by a Juvenile Delinquent Hippopotamus
Hiroshima Haiku
How Many Poles Does It Take to Abolish Polish Jokes?
A Request
God's perfect laws in secret taught...
To a Hopeless Romantic on the New Jersey Turnpike
At a Bar
Kiss Me
The Earth
Just Once
What Do You Want?
I Welcome You Life
The Unfinished Portrait
O Woman I'm a Lily of the Valley
What Does This Painting Mean?
Uncle Joe's Adventures in Korea
A Toast to the World
Show Me
On This Island Called Innocence
Un état fiévreux
Collaje para Luis García-Abrines Calvo
The Life of Jacques Futile de Néant
You Gentlemen Like to Kill Boredom
A Black Umbrella
Beyond Nihilism
I Don't Belong
For Deborah
My Poem
Take This Body
Because I Love You
For Aimée
When Sadness and Memory...
To Sean
The New World Manifesto
Politics Sucks!
A Screaming Poem
A Phone Fantasy
I love you darling in this song...
A Song of Lament
Sex Sells
This House Is Full of Dirt
Do I Wish People Ill?
Ode to Mental Patients
A Requiem for a Girl Who Died in a Motorcycle Accident
Black, Red & Checkered
I do not do
Homo Erectus or the Man with Big Dick
Safe Green World
A Song of Dark Love
Canzoni Dimenticate
A Dream
A Song for Debbie
When I'm Broke
My Advice to a Poet Who Wants to Get Published
Let the Spirit of Freedom Roar
An Angry Poem
"No More Love Poems"
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
On Success
A Letter to Michele
I Can't Take It Anymore
Once There Was a Song in Me
We Stuff Our Faces
A Dancer
The Soul of Modern Man
Poetry and Madness
The Only Thing That Matters
Laura's Eyes
Dream Poem
God's Call or a Call of Nature?
The Holy Center of Light and Meditation
Imagine You're Crazy
Déjà Vu
Ben the Brownnoser
For Kimberly
Some Thoughts on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Talkin' 'Bout Human Nature
Ode to Immortality
Tolstoy in America
A Man Who Yelled "Fuck You" at the Crowd
The Moon
Some Thoughts on "Mutant Yuppie Larvae"
A Dreamer's Poem
Art in New Haven
Woodstock Market '94
The Tao of Being Shallow
Morning Ecstasy
Discussing the Issues
The Fall
"Open Sesame"
Out of Sync
Ninety-Nine Percent of Americans
Drinking Bourbon in Richmond, Kentucky
I'm sad but not about...
It wasn't chance, you never did desire...
To a Friend
If I Were an Animal
Three "Nature Haiku"
Today I Danced...
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Death of a Rooster


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